Standing Up To Autocracy

International Conference at the University of Oslo 16,17 June 2022

International Conference at the University of Oslo 16,17 June 2022

This seminar was a forum for opening a dialogue on such issues as:

  • Do Europeans continue to misread present threats to their democracy as a result of their traumatic and authoritarian past?
  • How can European civil society organizations and genuinely democratic politics counteract the growing forces of populism, authoritarianism, and the othering of minorities? 
  • Should Norway consider joining the European Union in the context of current political threats and socio-economic challenges to the fabric of European civilization? 

See Standing up to autocracy – Centre for Development and the Environment (


  • MASHA GESSEN, journalist and writer, New Yorker
  • ROGER GRIFFIN prof. Oxford Brookes University
  • NINA WITOSZEK, conference organizer,  prof., Center for Development and the Environment, Oslo University/ Society for Democratic Citizenship and European Integration, Wroclaw
  • BARTLOMIEJ NOWOTARSKI, prof., Economic University in Wroclaw / Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD)
  • KJETIL WIEDSVANG (journalist, Dagens Næringsliv, Oslo)
  • JAN ERIK GRINDHEIM (University of South-North Norway/Civita)
  • HEIDI NORBY LUNDE (Head of the European Movement, Norway)
  • ŁUKASZ BOJARSKI (Private Law Dept., Oslo University /’INPRIS,’ Poland);
  • CHRISTIAN SKRIVERVIK (Head of Press and Communications/ the European Movement International)
  • PAWEŁ KASPRZAK (President of the Management Board, ‘The Citizens of Poland’)
  • AGATA KOBYLIŃSKA (Deputy Director of ‘Women’s Congress,’ Warszawa);
  • ZUZANNA ROKITA (‘Women’s Congress,’ Warszawa); 
  • KUBA WYGNAŃSKI (The ‘Shipyard Foundation,’ Warszawa)
  • PAULINA KIESZKOWSKA (Co-founder,’The Free Courts Initiative’, Warszawa)
  • SCOTT JONES (Oslo New University College / International ‘Mind the Gap Project’)
  • MARIA EJCHART-DUBOIS (‘The Free Courts Initiative’, Warszawa)
  • DOROTA ZABŁUDOWSKA (‘Iustitia’ Association, Warszawa)
  • PIOTR STASIŃSKI, (Deputy editor in chief, Gazeta Wyborcza, Warszawa)

During the conference civic activists from Poland decided to join The European Movement.

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