The Constitution is Fine, but there is a Problem with Respecting it

There is talk of possible amendments to the Constitution. But why amend the Constitution if it can then be freely broken, circumvented and bent? Possible amendments to the Constitution should therefore start with the repair of institutions that are supposed to guard the constitutionality of laws and ensure the independence of the judiciary from the government and the Sejm.

See the full text published by Onet 1.04.22

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Message in a bottle: ” Save your souls “

Paweł Kasprzak:

We live in a part of the world that Western Europeans may soon mark on their maps, as the Romans once did: “here live lions.” Indeed, there are plenty of lions here, and they are dangerous. Before they eat us, however, the message in a bottle that maybe someone will find: “better watch out, lions are everywhere”.

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