Democracy 2.0

Nina Witoszek, Bartłomiej Nowotarski, Democracy 2.0, Gazeta Wyborcza 5.6.22

“Even though the idea of stopping the political and cultural apocalypse may sound utopian today, sound research shows that all great social and political changes – from the abolition of slavery to the liberation of women – were the result of tireless work of small groups that did not give in to the pressure of Realpolitik and implemented innovative ideas, sometimes even alongside existing political structures. Such groups exist in every culture, also in Poland, they need to be mobilized and initiatives combined in a common project (coalition of the willing).”

See “Oni mają naftę, myśmy mieli renesans”. Jak zbudować w Polsce naszą własną Skandynawię in Gazeta Wyborcza 5. 6. 2022.

Publications by EMP and its' participants

Message in a bottle: ” Save your souls “

Paweł Kasprzak:

We live in a part of the world that Western Europeans may soon mark on their maps, as the Romans once did: “here live lions.” Indeed, there are plenty of lions here, and they are dangerous. Before they eat us, however, the message in a bottle that maybe someone will find: “better watch out, lions are everywhere”.

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