The Last Unfulfilled Treaty Obligation. Why Is It Worth Adopting The Euro Currency In Poland

Marcin Święcicki on euro zone

Systematically conducted Eurobarometer surveys show that a large majority of inhabitants from countries that make up the euro zone maintain their support for the euro. And so, in a survey conducted in the euro area in March 2021, when asked whether the euro is good for their country, 70% respondents answered “Yes” and only 22 %. – “No”. In the countries of the South, the proportions were slightly lower, but still definitely “for the euro”, in Italy 63 % to 29 %, in Spain 65 percent “Yes” to 23 % “No”.


In Poland, when asked about the consequences of joining the euro, 51 % of respondents answered that they would be “positive”, 42% that “negative”, and 7% had no opinion. In response to the question of whether you feel well informed about the euro, as many as 46 %. answered “No” and 52 %. – “Yes”.

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Message in a bottle: ” Save your souls “

Paweł Kasprzak:

We live in a part of the world that Western Europeans may soon mark on their maps, as the Romans once did: “here live lions.” Indeed, there are plenty of lions here, and they are dangerous. Before they eat us, however, the message in a bottle that maybe someone will find: “better watch out, lions are everywhere”.

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