TransAtlantic Relation in the Time of the War in Ukraine

V. Transatlantic Workshop, fall, 2023

The conference is to be be held in early fall 2023, organised in cooperation with Warsaw School of Economics. Topics:

  • The Transatlantic Alliance goes Eastward;
  • The epic fight to parry Russian storm and fortify democracy
  • Geoeconomic consequences of Ukraine crisis to the West
  • Social media impact as a tool of hybrid war
  • Between the mission and a grimm calculus
  • Current state of the Ukrainian economy
  • Legal framework of the economic relations between Ukraine and the EU
  • How to stop environmental degradation in Ukraine.

Our initiatives to come:

State violations of the rule of law in Poland: Starting a coordinating bureau

There are many scattered and isolated attempts to collect and catalogue abuses of the rule of law in Poland. Many of them are required by several EU institutions as necessary conditions for European projects to be financed. We need a centralised “secretariat” that would both coordinate and register all ongoing cases of state violations of the rule of law.

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